GLOBIZCLOUD is a Managed Cloud Service Provider

We provide enterprise-grade Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT solutions.

GLOBIZCLOUD is the result of many years of experience in Hosting, IT, Cloud and Global business. Our products and managed services are infused with know-how and experience of more than 10 years.

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During the time we worked for companies around the globe, we have seen firsthand what the needs of a modern company are. We have developed a series of Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT Solutions that cover the requirements of a modern and future-ready company. By applying our experience and know-how, we are able to optimize these Managed Cloud Services. As a result we reduce costs. This makes that we can offer enterprise-grade solutions at affordable rates without having to reduce in quality and without having to give in on effectiveness.

We are different from other Cloud Service Providers because we offer 24/7 monitoring and full 100% day-to-day management of your Cloud Services. Our team with certified and senior engineers will support you and your employees around the clock, even on weekends and holidays. We can support you anywhere in the world. While other providers only manage your infrastructure and leave the day-to-day management to you, we support you all the way.

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This includes proactive management of your Cloud Services where our technical support team will take measures to discover issues and take action to avoid an impact on your business. Since our Technical Support Team works around the clock, we can schedule work outside business hours so it will not impact your revenue earning activities. We take away the burden and stress of managing your Cloud Services. We can be your single point of contact for all your Cloud needs. We can truly offer Peace of Mind.

We live in a time where IT Security is the most important part of doing business. You see more and more security threats. Privacy Laws such as in Europe punish companies for breaches. That is why security is a central part of all our Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT Solutions. We strongly believe that companies can only function properly with serious security measures. We also believe that these measures should not keep you from your core business. That is why we take this burden away from you and manage your security.

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To realize our goals of offering a complete range of Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT Solutions we have partnered with Microsoft and Sophos. These three companies support our vision of making companies future-proof. Each of them is a market leader in their sector and each of them has made great efforts to develop products and services that a modern company needs. Our team has been trained and certified to work with the products and services of our partners.

Some Q&A about Cloud.

What is the Cloud?

The term Cloud or Cloud Computing is used for storing and accessing data and running software over the internet instead of your local computer. The data and software are on servers that are hosted in secure datacenters. The Servers are connected in a network that is connected to the internet. The Cloud is always online and available to access from any place at any time.

What are the advantages of the Cloud?

Cloud Computing offers many advantages such as reducing costs on IT, better security and compliance, flexibility, rapid deployment and peace of mind. In addition, it limits the impact on nature by reducing the carbon footprint.

What are Cloud Services?

We use the term Cloud Services for any service that runs in the Cloud or services that are powered by the Cloud. Some popular Consumer Cloud Services are Apple iCloud, Netflix, Hotmail, and OneDrive. We offer Professional Cloud Services such as Cloud Backup, Cloud Servers, Security, Office 365 and much other.

What are Managed Cloud Services?

Cloud Services that are monitored 24/7, managed and supported around the clock by a professional team of engineers other than your own employees are called Managed Cloud Services. There is a difference between Infrastructure Management only and Full day-to-day Management.

At some point every company will have a Cloud strategy. It can be a Cloud First or Hybrid Cloud approach. It can also be a Private Cloud or an setup where the Cloud plays a supporting role. One thing is sure, every future-proof company will be using Cloud Services in some part or the whole of their business. GLOBIZCLOUD can support you all the way no matter what Cloud strategy you will choose.

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globizcloud all-in packages at fixed price

In an effort to make enterprise-grade Cloud Services affordable for everyone, we have created all-in packages. These all-in packages are fully Managed Cloud Services and IT Solutions with Unlimited Technical Support at a fixed monthly cost. Our all-in packages allow you not only to lower your cost of IT, they also allow you to fully control your IT expenses. You will know in advance how much your Cloud Services will cost without any surprise.

Looking for an experienced partner to start with Cloud Services or to take over your existing Cloud environment? We can offer you ready-made solutions or tailor services to your specific needs. Don't hesitate and contact us with your questions and requirements.