Cloud Franchise Program

Sell Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT solutions.

Backed by a 24/7 Technical Support team you can work from home or any place in the world to sell Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT Solutions to companies in your home country.

franchise backed by 24/7 support
Franchise enforce local strength

To enforce our local strength and extend our global reach we have decided to start offering a Franchise that allows anybody without prior knowlegde to start selling Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT Solutions. As a Franchisee you will be in charge of Sales and Customer Support in your local language.

We will train you so that you can easily sell the products and services. We teach you how to convince customers of the benefits and we give you the tools to battle with competitors. No previous knowledge is required. When you finish the training, you can immediately start your business. We also provide ongoing sales support to help you close that deal. We make it very easy and fast to start.

easy to start franchise
franchise  without worry about tech

You don't have to worry about the technical side because our Technical Team with senior and certified engineers works 24/7, every day of the year, even on weekend and holidays to monitor and manage the infrastructure and support you and your customers.  We teach you enough to allow you to sell the products and services without turning you into an IT engineer.  You can always count on the engineers to back you up.

Our products and services are renewable. The minimum contract period is 1 year and contracts will automatically renew for 1 year if not cancelled.  Customers will pay monthly.  Our system will automatically bill your customers each month.  That means that one sale will generate recurring revenue for as long as the renewal is active. Recurring automated billings allow you to grow fast and generate a high return on your investment.

High Revenue Franchise
Franchise with strong partners

We have partnered with Microsoft, Sophos and Acronis. Each of them is a market leader in their sector.  Our team has been trained and certified to work with the products and services of our partners.  You as a Franchisee can also benefit from these partner relations.  As soon as you start you can advertise with these brands.  You will also receive training that will help you sell these brands.

You can work from your home in your own country. Or you can work from any place in the world for your home country. The only thing you need is a laptop, phone and internet connection. Our custom build online system can be accessed from anywhere at any time. We also offer a solution for you to live and work in Thailand.
franchise work from home or any other place

Some answers about Cloud.

What is the Cloud?

The term Cloud or Cloud Computing is used for storing and accessing data and running software over the internet instead of your local computer. The data and software are on servers that are hosted in secure datacenters. The Servers are connected in a network that is connected to the internet. The Cloud is always online and available to access from any place at any time.

What are the advantages of the Cloud?

Cloud Computing offers many advantages such as reducing costs on IT, better security and compliance, flexibility, rapid deployment and peace of mind. In addition, it limits the impact on nature by reducing the carbon footprint.

What are Cloud Services?

We use the term Cloud Services for any service that runs in the Cloud or services that are powered by the Cloud. Some popular Consumer Cloud Services are Apple iCloud, Netflix, Hotmail, and OneDrive. We offer Professional Cloud Services such as Cloud Backup, Cloud Servers, Security, Office 365 and much other.

What are Managed Cloud Services?

Cloud Services that are monitored 24/7, managed and supported around the clock by a professional team of engineers other than your own employees are called Managed Cloud Services. There is a difference between Infrastructure Management only and Full day-to-day Management.

At some point every company will have a Cloud strategy. It can be a Cloud First or Hybrid Cloud approach. It can also be a Private Cloud or a setup where the Cloud plays a supporting role. One thing is sure, every future-proof company will be using Cloud Services in some part or the whole of their business in the future. GLOBIZCLOUD can support them all the way no matter what Cloud strategy they will choose and you can sell it to them.

Gartner has forcasted the Cloud Service revenue to grow from 200 billing US Dollars in 2016 to over 400 billion in 2020.  Only a very small part of this give you a very profitable business.  You can easily compete with IT companies and other Cloud providers. We can offer lower prices, better service and more solutions. We can be the single point of contact for all the IT and Cloud Services a company needs.

globizcloud suports all cloud strategies
Our services and solutions are backed by more than 10 years of experience and extensive knowhow of IT, Cloud and Global Business. We are different from other Cloud Service Providers because we offer 24/7 monitoring and full 100% day-to-day management of the Cloud Services. While other providers only manage infrastructure and leave the day-to-day management to customers, we support them all the way.

We offer 2 Franchise options, one where you pay the full Franchise Fee upfront and a second option where you only pay 20% upfront and the balance over 3 years. We allow you to start with a minimum upfront investment. Each option has different conditions. Both options have a high profit potential.