Ensure your data is safe with our Managed Backup service.

Make sure your backup will be there when you need it.

For too many times the backup issues go unnoticed.  You only think about the backup when it is too late.  You lost your data and then you see that you don't have a proper backup or the backup is too old.  Our managed backup service brings an end to those nightmares.

Our backup solution is fully managed and available for Servers, Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and mobile devices so you can think about the thing that matters most: making money.

Regular backup of your data is one of the most critical parts of your business.  Not keeping an eye on the status of your backup is bad, especially when an unsuccessful backup goes on for a while.  Yes, you received the email notifications about a failed backup, but did you do something about it? Did you check why the backup did not run properly? Did you do a manual backup after fixing the issue so you won't lose the data that failed to back up?
How long has it been since you received a report from your IT company about your backup?

Stop that now and choose our managed backup solution.  We monitor your backup 24 hours per day, 7 days per week all year round, even on holidays.  As soon as something goes wrong, a ticket is created to our technical support department. In our technical support department one of our certified engineers will look into the issue, solve it and make sure your backup is up to date after fixing the issue.

You will have peace of mind with our managed backup service.  You will know at all times that your data is safely backed up.  We make sure that the backup client is installed and that it works properly.  The backup client is updated automatically so that you don't have to worry about updates.  In case we notice an issue with the backup client, we will fix it.  When disaster strikes, you can count on us, at any time of the day, to recover your data and restore it where needed.

The power of 3

The general rule for a proper backup is: Create 3 copies of your data, 1 primary copy and 2 backups. You should store your data on at least 2 types of storage media and of those there should be 1 in the cloud.  Our managed backup solution will back up your data locally and send it to a secure cloud location. We can manage your hybrid backup.  This means that we can manage your local and remote backup.

Your backup data is safe

Your data will be encrypted with government-approved AES-256 encryption, even before you sent it.  Even the communication between your system and the Cloud is encrypted.  The Datacenters are highly secured with high fences, a 24x7 security team and round the clock video surveillance.  This all to make sure your data is safe and only you can access it.

Access your backup online

You can access your data at any and all times.  You have direct access to the backup location via your online account.  You can download your data or you can find an individual file to download.  You can even download or restore previous versions of a file.

Restore your backup at any moment

Disaster strikes at midnight and your IT man is not reachable, their office is closed and they are not available on a cell phone, what now?  With other backup solutions you would have to wait until they open for business.  Our team is available 24/7 so you won't have to worry about reaching somebody to help. You can request assistance at any moment of the day, even when your local IT guy is asleep.

Managed Backup at affordable pricing

In some cases your local IT provider will have a 24/7 service.  However, you will pay through the nose for the time they spend helping you on your backup outside regular office hours.  And very often you have to pay a premium for that service.  We offer fixed pricing and we don't charge extra for the 24/7 service.  You can subscribe to a package and you can downgrade or upgrade that package from month to month according to the backup space that you need.