Deploy your Cloud Server and Web Applications with our Managed Microsoft Azure service.

We provide peace of mind by managing your Microsoft Azure account.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing Cloud and the only Public Cloud with that many global locations.  Azure offers a global network of datacenters across 36 regions around the world, with plans announced for 6 additional regions, to deploy and manage your Cloud Server and Cloud Applications.  With Azure you get all the freedom to deploy your server or application wherever and whenever want using the software, tools and frameworks of your choice.

As a Microsoft partner and Managed Cloud Service Provider, we offer full management for the Azure Public Cloud.

Hybrid Azure Cloud

Maximize portability and value from your existing investments and create your own Hybrid Cloud by connecting your on premise infrastructure with that of the Cloud.  You can use the existing tools and open-source technology that you already know since Microsoft Azure supports all of them.

Azure Cloud is most trusted

Microsoft Azure is trusted by ninety percent of the Fortune 500 companies. Azure is the most trusted Public Cloud. With Azure you can protect your assets with a strong focus on security, privacy and compliance.  Azure has more certifications than any other Public Cloud.

Flexibility with our Managed Microsoft Azure service

We can apply our Managed Services to the Microsoft Azure Cloud such as Managed Server, Managed Security and Managed Backup.  Our own Cloud Platform can be combined with that of Microsoft Azure to get the best value for money.

Affordable management for Microsoft Azure

Since we are strong on making Enterprise-grade Cloud Solutions affordable to everyone, we also make management of Microsoft Azure affordable to everyone.