You have or you want Office 365 and who will manage it?

We setup, configure and manage your Office 365 and offer 24/7 support.

Many organizations have discovered the advantage of Cloud-based applications and realize they still need to manage and support those applications.  By implementing Office 365 you get all the power of Microsoft Office combined with Azure Active Directory, Exchange and other apps such as Teams and Skype for Business.

With Office 365 your end-users are well equipped to increase productivity for your modern business and letting us manage it, gives you peace of mind.

The continued management and support for Office 365 can be complicated.  The whole process from implementing to trouble shooting requires dedicated IT resources.

With our Managed Office 365 service you won't have to worry about maintaining your Office 365 tenant.  We take care of all aspects including ongoing support.  We take care of the integration challenges, security and on-going support such as routine maintenance and end-user support.

Pay for Office 365 according to you needs

You can decide per user what features they need.  Some users may only need a small mailbox and access to the online versions of Office while others need a larger mailbox and a full suite of Office application on their laptop and maybe home computer.  The Office 365 solution can be tailored to your needs and we assist you all the way.

Office 365 as critical email solution

Email is still the most critical tool in business.  Implementing and managing it can be complex.  So why not choose our Managed Office 365 service and take all those worries away.  We take care of your Office 365 email solution and make sure your email system is up and keeps running.

Support for Office 365

Whenever you need assistance you can open a ticket and we will take care to solve your issue.  We even take up the issue with Microsoft if needed.  Our engineers are trained to support Office 365 and we have a large in-house knowledgebase to solve known issues quickly.

Hybrid Office 365 solution

You may want to combine your existing licenses and hardware with new Office 365 subscriptions.  We can assist in implementing Office 365 in a Hybrid environment and we can plan your migration to Office 365 gradually.

You may already have a Microsoft Exchange Server in your office or in a data center.  You may want to keep that Exchange Server while using Office 365 for a specific group of people.  You would want single sign-on for both environments and you would want your on-site active directory to be synced with the Azure Active Directory. All of these requirements are perfectly possible and we can take care of it.

You can decide which user gets an Office 365 subscription and which user remains on premise. You can decide at any moment to move on premise users to the Cloud or reverse.  At the same time you don't have to worry about the technical side of that because we take care of all that. Even when you have a more complex requirement, our certified engineers can help you out.

Migrations to Office 365

You decided to move to Office 365 but what about the mails in your old mailbox?  
When you let us manage your Office 365, we will take care of migrating your emails to Office 365.
We handle the migration from another mail service such as Gmail, POP, IMAP or exchange on premise.

Continued new features of Office 365

We take our Managed Office 365 service much further. Beside configurations, managing users, user groups and rights, we also take care of new functionalities.  Microsoft is adding new features to Office 365 all the time and they are improving the service continuously.  We follow those developments and implement the new functionality for you as they come available.  We also monitor your Office 365 tenant to get optimal use of it without wasting money on unused licenses.

With our Managed Office 365 service you get all to deploy and support this powerful tool and to drive business productivity with peace of mind.