Managed Private Cloud

A dedicated private cloud environment for your business

A managed private cloud solution will give you all the benefits of the public cloud with more control, higher security and privacy and dedicated resources.

managed private cloud

A public cloud is accessible by multiple organizations while a private cloud is only accessible by a single organization. This allows us to configure the private cloud more in line and according to the specification of that organization. The private cloud setup can be tailored to the specific needs in terms of hardware, network and security.

private cloud to increase privacy and security

A private cloud is the more secure of all cloud options. By using dedicated resources and restricted connections you can achieve the highest security and privacy a cloud can offer. You can even use dedicated leased lines and on-site hosting.

By implementing a private cloud model you can improve the efficiency of resources within your organization. Your private cloud can respond quickly to demands of the different departments and increase flexibility all while lowering your carbon footprint.

private cloud to improve efficiency
private cloud with high availabilty

We can setup your private cloud with high availability. Compute, Storage and Network can be configured in a way that your cloud will be available, even when a physical node fails. We can also provide load balancing.

We can provide and manage private cloud environments on all continents. We can configure your private cloud with geo load balancing and geo redundancy for optimal working conditions, even when you travel.

private cloud on all continents