Windows Cloud Server 365

An all-in Windows Cloud Server package with unlimited technical support.

Our Windows Cloud Server 365 package includes infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring and day-to-day management and support of your Cloud Servers and users, billed at a fixed monthly price and includes unlimited technical support.

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Two Cloud Servers are setup in a virtual private network that can be configured according to your requirements. For example a web server and database server for Web or Application hosting solutions or a Terminal Server and Domain Controller Server for Remote Desktop solutions. Additional Cloud Servers can be added.

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Your Windows Cloud Server 365 package includes a complete backup and disaster recovery strategy following the 3-2-1 rule. We backup your Cloud Servers every night, one copy is kept on our local backup storage and one copy is uploaded to a remote Cloud location. You will have 3 copies of your data: 1 Live and 2 in backup. The backup schedule and retention policy can be changed according to your requirements.

All your servers are monitored 24/7. We monitor your network and server resources such as CPU, Ram and Hard Disc. We also monitor the Security of the Cloud Servers. Depending on the configuration of your Windows Cloud Server 365 packages we may include additional monitoring such as Website Uptime Monitoring, Database Monitoring and E-mail monitoring.

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We take care of the Security of your Cloud Servers and include the Sophos Server Protection for all your Servers to protect the applications and data at the core of your organization. Sophos Server Protection integrates anti-ransomware, application whitelisting, along with advanced anti-malware and HIPS. You can upgrade the shared Firewall to a dedicated and more advanced Firewall with VPN capabilities to increase your security and benefit from Synchronized Security between your Cloud Servers, the Firewall and your users.

Our team with certified and senior engineers will handle the day to day management and support of your Cloud Servers. Our professional team will take care of all the server related tasks such as but not limited to installations, configurations, patches, updates, security, backups and disaster recovery. Our Technical Team will do Proactive Management of your Cloud Servers. They will do routine tasks and checks to make sure that your Cloud Servers are healthy. When our team detects an issue or potential problems on your Servers, they will take steps to resolve them in an effort to avoid an impact your business.

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With the Standard and Plus User option, our Technical Team will support your employees and their devices. Your users can contact our technical team directly to fix problems they may encounter. Issues can be fixed without the need of other employees. Our team can also handle tasks for your users outside business hours so that the impact on your business is minimal to none. Our technical support team can function as your internal IT team. You can grant rights to each employee to access support.

At the end of the month you get a report from us. A detailed report about the status of your Cloud Servers and a summary of support issues raised by you and your employees. We will audit your backup, security and performance to make sure that your Cloud Server setup is healthy and running as it should.
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As you can see, our Windows Cloud Server 365 package is truly an All-in solution. With our proactive management and unlimited technical support you won't have to worry about maintaining your Cloud Servers.

Everything is included for a fixed price per month... what do you need more?

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